1. General provisions

    1.1. Use of materials and services of the is regulated by the current legislation.
    1.2. Use of the Service functionality is allowed only after registration of the User and authorization on the Website according to the procedure as it was established by the Administration.
    1.3. The login and password chosen by the User are necessary and sufficient information for the User to get access to the Website. The User has no right to transfer the login and password to the third parties and bears full responsibility for their safety, choosing the storage method at his own discretion.
    1.4. This Agreement is the public offer. Getting access to materials on the Website ( the User is considered giving his consent with this Agreement.
    1.5 This User agreement is legally obligatory agreement between the User and the Website Administration which scope is granting to the user by the Website Administration of access to the Website and its functionality.
    1.6. The User is obliged to get fully familiar with these rules before registering on the Website. Registration of the User on the Website implies full and unconditional consent of the User with these rules.
    1.7. The Mobile Tracker Administration has the right to change terms and conditions of this Agreement unilaterally from time to time. Such changes come into force in 3 (three) days from the moment of placement of new version of the Agreement on the Website. If the User disagrees with last made changes, he is obliged to refuse access to the Website and stop using the Webiste materials and services.

    2. User's obligations

    2.1.The User assumes all necessary actions for access to the Website. The Administration doesn't offer Internet services and/or other communication networks for access to the Website.
    2.2. Use of the Website materials without the consent of owners is forbidden. Legal use of the Website materials requires conclusion of the license contracts (licensing) with the Owners.
    2.3. When citing the Website materials including the copyrighted works, the reference to the Website is obligatory.
    2.4. The User's comments and other messages on the Website shouldn't conflict to requirements of the legislation and standard norms of morality.
    2.5. The User agrees not to take actions which can be considered as violating the Russian or international law, including in the sphere of intellectual property, copyright and/or related rights and any other actions which bring or can lead the Mobile Tracker to violation of the Website and services normal operation.
    2.6. The User is warned about the fact that the Website Administration doesn't bear responsibility for him visitting and using any external resources, links to which can be found on the Website.
    2.7. The User agrees that the Website Administration doesn't bear responsibility and has no direct or indirect obligations towards the User concerning any possible or arisen losses or damages connected with any of the Webiste content, copyright registration and data on such registration, goods or services available on or received via external websites or resources or other contacts made by the User using information placed on the Website or links to external resources.
    2.8. The User accepts the provision that all materials and services of the Website or any their parts can be accompanied by advertizing. The User agrees that the Webiste Administration doesn't bear any responsibility and has no obligations concerning such advertizing.

    3. Guarantee exception and the Administration limited liability

    3.1. The Administration doesn't bear responsibility for any losses which the User can suffer as the result of:
    3.1.1. actions of viruses and other malicious software influencing access to the Website, its services and the Software and their use;
    3.1.2. use by the User of the Equipment which doesn't comply with recommendations or requirements specified in this User agreement, or malfunction or any incompatibility of the User Equipment with the Website;
    3.1.3. emergence of noises, mistakes, delays, failures, breaks in work of the Website, its Services and the Software;
    3.1.4. failure or breakdown in normal operation of the Equipment of the Administration, telecom operators rendering communication services to the Administration and the User and also as the result of accidents or failures in hardware and software systems of the third parties working together with the Administration or actions of the third parties directed to suspension or termination the Website operation in whole or in part;
    3.1.5. unforeseen breakdown in the Website normal operation;
    3.1.6. any alteration which the Administration has the right to make to the the Services and the Software available on the Website, or as the result of termination (on a constant or temporary basis) of the Services or the Software provision (or provision of their any particular function or feature);
    3.1.7. removal, failure or impossibility of saving any information and other communication data placed and transferred with use of the Website and the Mobile Tracker system;
    3.1.8 the fact that the User couldn't ensure safety and confidentiality of his login and password;
    3.2. THE WEBSITE ADMINISTRATION GIVES TO THE USERS AN OPPORTUNITY TO USE THE WEBSITE, ITS SERVICES, "AS IS", i.e. without guarantees of any kind, including the guarantee of suitability. Any risks connected with the quality, safety and operation of the Software are conferred upon the User. All the responsibility connected with use of the Software lays down on the User. The Administration doesn't bear responsibility for inadequate use of the Software leading to any damage that can be done to the User.
    3.3. In case of the force majeur circumstances which are excluding or objectively interfering the implementation of this Agreement, the Parties have no mutual claims, and each Party assumes the risk of consequences of such circumstances.
    3.4. The relations between Administration and the User are not subject to any conditions, guarantees or other provisions (including any implied conditions to satisfactory quality, compliance to defined purpose of use or compliance to description), except those directly specified in the User agreement.
    3.5. Irrespective of the character and reasons of the losses suffered by the User because of the Administration, the maximum extent of its responsibility for any provision of this agreement and amount of compensation owed to the User can't exceed the sum which the User actually paid for the Services, or the Software available on the Website for period in 1 (one) month even if it implies that the compensation doesn't cover the suffered losses.

    4. Breakdowns in the Website and Software operation

    4.1. The Administration has the right to perform the scheduled maintenance accompanied by temporary suspension of the Website operation.
    4.2. In case of the event of the circumstances specified in paragraphs 3.1.1.-3.1.8, 3.3 suspension of the Website operation is possible without prior notice of Users.

    5. Intellectual property rights

    5.1. The User admits and agrees that the Website contains audiovisual works, software, trademarks and other intellectual property objects property and non-property rights on which belong to Administration (and/or to its contractors) and cannot be used without prior consent of the owners (regardless of whether such rights are registered or not and also regardless of jurisdiction where such rights can arise).
    5.2. The User undertakes not to reproduce, not to copy, not to modify, not to dismantle the program on component codes, not to decompile or otherwise try to receive the source code of the Software or any its part, not to sell, not to bring to the public attention, not to distribute the content and programs of the Website in whole or in part, except the cases when otherwise is provided by conditions of some separate contracts between Administration and the User.
    5.3. The User admits that when citing the Website materials including the copyrighted works, the reference to the Website is obligatory.
    5.4. The Administration (and/or its contractors) can own the patents, patent applications, trademarks, copyright and other rights for intellectual property concerning the content of all and/or any pages of the Website. Granting the access to the User to the specified pages of the Website doesn't gives the User any license for use of intellectual property objects.
    5.5. The User has only the rights which are obviously granted to him by the Administration under this Agreement or the separate Contract. The property right to the intellectual property objects remain are reserved by the Administration.
    5.6. Except for cases when otherwise is agreed by the Administration in writing, no provisions of this Agreement grant to the User the right to use any trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, brands or other distinguishing marks placed on the Website.
    5.7. The User undertakes not to delete, not to hide, not to change any signs of the rights ownership (including copyright signs and trademarks) which can be placed or contained on the Website.

    6. Other provisions

    6.1. Nothing in this Agreement can be understood as establishment between the User and the Website Administratio of the agency-like relations, association relations, joint activity relations, employment relations or some other relations which are not provided directly by this Agreement.
    6.2. Recognition of any provision of this Agreement by a court invalid or not subject to compulsory execution doesn't imply invalidity of other provisions of this Agreement.
    6.3. The inaction from the Website Administration in case of violation by any User of provisions of this Agreement doesn't deprive the Website Administration of the right to take the corresponding actions later in protection of its own interests and intellectual property of the Website materials protected according to the legislation. The User confirms that he is familiar with all provisions of this Agreement and accepts them unconditionally.