Payment details protection

    Since our Clients can use the service in absolutely different purposes which, by definition, shouldn't imply violation of the current legislation, we consider it our duty to take a few actions in order to ensure full anonymity of the payments for the Services provided on our Website. All payment methods we use remove the possibility of identification of both payment senderand recipient personal information. Thanks to that you can be absolutely sure that having paid the request to the Mobile Tracker you will remain completely anonymous from the start till full completion of the process.

    Registration data

    Information you provide during registration on the Website undergo encryption procedure and then is transferred to the remote server. Similar happens to files which contain the "victims" data, namely: the login and password for authorization in social network, text correspondence, sent and received files, geolocation points. The decoding key is the password you specified during registration. The Website Administration has no access to your personal information therefore it strongly recommends you to take neccessary measures for ensuring safety of the obtained data by installation of the strong password containing Latin letters and digits. When using the mobile device in public or with other people, don't forget to clear your browser history after session is over. Consider that an additional security measure. A many-sided set of measures can guarantee completely nondisclosure of your personal data to the third parties, irrespective to the requesting source.

    Privacy policy

    The vulnerabilities monitoring resource for social networks that we use, namely the Mobile Tracker software (Website), doesn't collect and doesn't use the personal information you provide in any sections of the Website in your own purposes. All files which become available as the result of your interactionw with our service undergo two-factor encryption procedure. The encrypted files are stored on the remote server for no more than 48 hours, after which they will be removed.

    Data protection

    We've put in place all possible software protection methods available today and capable to guarantee full anonymity of our Clients when they use social networks vulnerabilities monitoring service. The algorithm combines decoding and serialization of the API lines and it can be performed online, without participation of other people and without risking to be found out that provides steady result with preservation of a full confidentiality. At the same time the Administration strongly recommends the Users not to interfere with Mobile Treker™ security measures specified in this Privacy policy. Disregarding them can lead to leak of your data.

    Got questions?

    We are always happy to answer any questions you might have! Answes to Frequently Asked Questions . You can also write your comment in the section Customer reviews .