Frequently Asked Questions

    These FAQ contain the answers to the main questions of the software used for the mobile device geolocation tracking. For additional technical information check out our Expanded FAQ version.

    In the presence of broad access to the high-speed Internet and insatiable appetite of our clients to convenience, online information exchange is promptly developing everywhere worldwide. When on the IT market the steady demand has been created for such service as Mobile location tracking and obtaining of coordinates online, the Mobile Tracker service was launched which could provide stable and independent access to various data: geoposition, movement history archive, display of the device location geodata on a map and other information hidden from public eyes.

    Do I have to install the program on the device?

    No, the Mobile Tracker works online and doesn't demand any manipulations with the device you want to get access to. All we need to know is the phone number.

    Where can I find the prices for such services?

    You can find the pricing rates for our services in the section Rates . It should be noted that we offer our customers the flexible discount system for choosing more than one mobile phone number, and using our Partnership program , one can get access for free .

    I want to find my girlfriend's current location, send me the data.

    We've created a very convenient platform, placed it on our server and provided access to it via our website. You may use the service at your own discretion;

    What will I get after payment?

    Right after your account is replenished, you will get access to the information on location of the number you specified. Then the amount of payment will be charged off your account.

    For what time period will I have access to the service?

    The service will be available within seven calendar days.

    Does the Mobile Tracker work worldwide?

    Yes, our software works irrespective of cell network operator or region in which the subscriber is located.

    Can my target discover that someone has got access to his personal data?

    No, the functionality doesn't demand installation of the program on the device, and our Privacy policy ensures that nobody never knew who uses our services.

    Is it even legal to use MT?

    The Users define for what purposes to use the service at their own discretion. The Mobile Tracker was initially created as mobile number locator that is absolutely legal. Please, be sure to get study our User Agreement. .

    How can I pay for MT services?

    You can pay for the services by your Master Card, Visa, MIR, Maestro card, e-money, or via the Qiwi payment terminal or Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin cryptocurrencies, etc. The detailed instruction is can be found in the section Rates .